Saturday, July 22, 2006

gooey splendor

my new addiction is s'mores. i found the other day as the evening was well at hand that i had consumed about 10 in the past 2 days. this was realized when i was taking the last forth of the hershey bar (use a forth and they last you can make more s'mores!!!!)
well i had to jump up and head to the store. now if that's not an addict i dont know what is.

just look at it. sittling there in all its gooey splendor.

i showed my kids how to make them. now yes of course they had had them before but only when we had been camping. and to tell you the truth.... i prefer to microwave method. there's no charred marshmellow or burning wood residue. and the neatest part is watching the marshmellow puff up to almost the point of explosion!!!!! the kids really loved that part. and then you get to eat them. we had the best time with that. chocolate and marshmellow all over our faces. we laughed with every bite.


Jerusalem said...

ooh, but I LOVE the burned marshmallow...yummy, burning marshmallow.

Janna said...

summer time is the perfect time for this new addiction! Don't worry, you'll get tired of them eventually (until the next summer rolls around!)

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