Friday, September 22, 2006

splendid salvation

good things just have a way of slapping you in the face sometimes.
"mommy your my best, best, best, best, best, best friend i'd evers had."
i was greeted this morning with this quote from my youngest one luke. you see him here as i do this morning. blue marker we couldn't scrub off from last nights escapade with the art supplies, bits of this mornings breakfast on his cheeks and chest, and sporting a bed head do to rival the latest stylish mussed up looks.
i had a certain self realization last night. an out pouring of emotion that left me drained and puffy this morning. i felt low. i knew what i had to change but last night's rollercoaster still was effecting me. but God knew what i need this morning to lift me up. and he let it come flowing out of luke's mouth as easy as asking for a cup of milk.

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