Friday, January 19, 2007

splendidly shivering

well i am sure that if you have been watching the news and weather you know of the chilliness we have experience down here in san antonio.
we spent the better part of this week held up in the house. school was out on monday for mlk day when the freeze started to blow in and school was canceled on tuesday... and wednesday... and finally started back an hour late yesterday. and since ben... my husband, is a teacher that means we all stay home on days such as this.

we also stay at home on days such as this because of other reasons too. one big one being that san antonio pretty much shuts down! all the major interstates, loops, by-passes and highways have bridges and overpasses that ultimately freeze so they get closed. if you want to go anywhere you have to really hunt out your route.

another reason we dont leave.... and this is pretty true when we get rain as well.... is that people just cant drive on the roads in any other condition that bone dry. oh who am i kidding they have trouble driving on the roads when they are dry too. lol.

so for your vehicle to be safe its better to just hang tight at home.

and i guess one of the bigger reasons to stay home is..... well... its just too darn cold!!! i hate the fact that living in san antonio has made me such a wuss to cold weather. we down in the south of texas all dream and pray for the beautiful snow to fall and give us a taste of the winter wonderland of our dreams. but when the actual situation arrives the icy cold biting wind and percipitation is sometime more that we bargain for. lol

i would love for my kids to see snow and play in it someday. allweek they had visions of snow men and snow ball fights running through their heads. they had to settle for ice skating in the drive way, eating nature's popsicles and the fun game of... or so their dad claims.... knocking the ice off the cars.

but yesterday everything was back to normal. drippy and wet but back to a temperature in the 50's and even a bit of sunshine peeked throug
h. i even quite wearing my jacket by the afternoon. such is the weather down here.

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