Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the best offense is a good..... de-fence

we are finally fixing our fence.
wait let me correct myself....... the configuration of toothpicks surrounding our back yard.

we live in a neighborhood that has a zero clearance lot line. that just means that one side of the house is directly on the property line and the fence extends from that corner.
when we bought the house the fence was in horrible condition and we requested that it be fixed. stupid first time buyers that we were, we never really check to see that it was done before we closed. the seller had in a sense covered up the missing slats but it was very shoddy work.

the fence was called a basket weave with long thin boards alternating sides of the supports to form what looked like... well a basket. these fences look really neat and pretty when they are first put up. but in a child's eye they look like the perfect ladder for climbing up to see whats on the other side. or in our case to get to the yard next door to play with their friends. after many attempts... when they could get away with it... of doing this the old slats basically fell off on the side separating them from their friends. so there was a nice convient hole. and no longer the need to climb the fence to play with each other.

shall i just say there isnt, and hasnt been for some time, a fence between the yard of our friendly neighbors. and that thought is kind of nice.
(what you see here is a temporary dog fence for puppy setting)
we had discussed with our neightbors of putting gate up when the fence was "ever" replaced so the kids could come and go. but being the .. umm well shall we say "thrifty" sort we are we opted for just leaving a few slats off.

the other side is a different story. its a rent house that has fallen on some bad tenants or should i say bad tenants falling on it. very interesting stories that i realy dont intend to go into in this post. but right now it is empty and has been for about 6 months and pretty much looks like a wildlife reserve in the back yard. i do enjoy all the little wildbirds that have found a home there.

its supposed to rain alot this week. pray we can get this done before much longer.
ooo and ben says he has a supprise for me concerning how he is going to do the front gate. stay tuned..... lol.
i know its all terribly riviting.

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jeanetta said...

ok here is an update on the fence..... its finished and there was only one trip to the er when ben stepped on a nail. had to get a tetanuis shot.

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