Sunday, March 18, 2007

at least no one pinched me

yes this past saturday was a st patrick's day to remember.
i had planned lukes birthday party for then. he had turned 3 the friday before but with bunko and leaving for spring break i decided to do it on the 17th.
i spent friday decorating a curious george cake. i turned out quite well i think.
i went to bed very late and woke up early feeling very nausiated. the party wasnt till that afternoon and david had a track meet in the morning so we were all gearing up for quite a day.
well the nausea never went away and i spent most of the day giving the toilet a bear hug. natuarally we canceled the party and only had my parents and my sister and her husband come over. i directed the party from my position on the couch. we still played the games and smashed the pinata. the kids thought it was great that they were the only ones out there bashing it. they got to hit it more times and all the candy came back to our house. and naturally the most important thing to luke was the presents.
i have pinpointed my sickness to eating some food that had been left out too long. i will never do that again as long as i live!! i swear. funny how wreching your guts out for a whole day will do that to you.

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