Monday, March 05, 2007

button button whose got the button

i just couldnt pass this up.
i was at HEB plus today ( heb is the grocery store down these parts.... and well they started building pluses to answer the challenge of walmart) and they had this bucket o' buttons for only $1 or so. at first glance i thought oh it will just be full of those very generic replacement buttons but i picked it up anyway...... i mean it was just a $1 or so.
to my excitement i saw some of the most beautiful buttons. i am totally loving the chartreuse ones.
while the kids were doing their homework after school, i poured the bucket onto the kitchen/dining table (which has been used for everything but dinning lately...... see blog soon to come). they immeadiatly abandoned their studies (like it took much coaxing) and started laying claim to my buttons! i warded them off with promises of saving their favorites to make them something from.
phoebe's favorite is the blingy purple one ringrd in gold thats sort of in the top left. david spoke for the traditional shaped blue one with glitter mixed in located left of center.
like i said the green ones are mine.

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