Thursday, March 29, 2007

with a cherry on top

yesterday i had felt quite lousy. my throat was ticklely, i was coughing, my head hurt to move and i generally ached all over. so the couch was my best friend. that and orange juice and cups of chai. but i got bored just sticking to the couch and trying to cajole luke into letting me watch a craft show here and there. so i decided to start crocheting. i figured it was something i could do without having to get up or move my head all that much.

so in a moment of feeling a bit better i made my way to the computer and looked up a pattern for a granny square. i have been reading over at posie gets cozy about her granny square-ing and thought i would give it a go.
i usually don't ever finish my crochet projects. most of the time i just pick up the needle and yarn and start doing it. its more of just something to do most of the time than actually having an end product. but i did rather well with it after i went from using only the fuzzy yarn to mixing it with traditional yarn. it still has a fuzzy look and feel but at least i could see the stitches.

i only did one square. the thought of making lots and lots of them and putting them together really didn't appeal to me at the time so i just made one big one (maybe a foot or so square). i think i will just add some regular crocheting to the ends. and make it long and narrow with the granny square in the middle. i think it wants to be a table runner. great for easter. kind of looks like grass.

i decided to also give a go at crocheting a cupcake. this idea was originally brought to me by jerusalem. when i went to visit she wanted me to teach her how to crochet so she could learn to make one. well, the lesson ended up about like when i tried to teach phoebe to crochet.... i am beginning to think i am not a good teacher. anyway she showed me a pattern for one and i immediately started biting my bottom lip. crocheting in the round has never been a strong suit of mine. i would always loose my place or my count. but i decided i would try again.

i found this pattern. it explained things really well and had a great tip for using a safety pin to hold your place. why i never thought about it before i don't know. so i grabbed a skein of black yarn, yes black. its just what i had on hand, to make a tester. i was very happy with it although i never stuffed it or even put the top on it. i mean it doesn't look all that cute or even appetizing. maybe someone who is really into goth cupcakes would like it. lol
this morning luke had MDO. now i usually spend my thursdays running around to all the places i love to go but without the impatience of a 3yr old. but i still wasn't feeling up to par but didn't want to spend another day at the house.
i decided i would spend the whole day at barnes & nobles. grab a chair, sip some chai, and crochet my little heart out. i found this other pattern for a cupcake that i used today. its pretty much the same but a little bit different. i sort of just meshed to two in my head.
so i grabbed the tiniest crochet needle i had and my embroidery floss and a few other essentials and headed out.
i ordered my chai and went in search for a comfy corner. well all the overstuffed chairs were taken or just had too many other folks sitting near them...... hey i don't like to be all up on everyone else while i am at the bookstore. so i settle for the corner of the booth in the cafe area. i had a table to spread out on so it was good. and it was a good place for people watching.
a couple with a little girl sat down from me and she immediately became interested in my project. i told her that it was going to be a cupcake and her eyes widened with anticipation. she sat there asking me questions about what i was doing which i was totally finding glee in but at the same time strugling to keep my count going. lol.
if i'd had stuffing with me i would have finished stitching it up and given it to her. but they got up and left and of course i had no stuffing and really wanted to put a cherry on the top so she left cupcake-less.
i finished it once i got home and adorned it with the cherry. in which it was immediately snatched up by my daughter who professed ownership of it. guess i need to get more embroidery floss.

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Jerusalem said...

oh that is toooo cute! i love it, love it!! You are not a bad teacher, we are just impatient students - lol!

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