Wednesday, April 11, 2007

back on track

what a week its been.

i feel like i am alice and i have been falling through that rabbit hole since last week wednesday. as i had written i was preparing for easter dinner and a small group to come. i was cleaning.... well when am i not.

but then we had some bad news. my husbands grandfather, j.t., had passed away. we had just been to visit them in mobile over spring break ..... yes i still have post coming about that trip. he had been suffering for some time with heart and lung problems and GOD finally took him home. in a way it was a relief for everyone but there was still alot of grief as to be expected.
luke and jt summer '05 @ uss alabama in mobile bay

i still wasnt feeling that great, not even today. and luke got sick...fever, cough, gunky eye. its tough being away from home yourself and being ill but having a little one is even tougher. but we managed, and i took him to the dr on monday and its just a cold so we have to "ride it out".

i want to say a special thank you to queenie (ben's grandparents neighbor) for making my kids' easter morning. she fixed small little baskets for the kids to have on sunday when they got up. i had left all of our preparation here and never had the chance to get anything while we were there.

we got back very late sunday night, so the kids wouldnt miss any school (we'd had good friday off). ben took 2 days off, today was his first day back. the whole trip was very hard on him because he was very close to j.t. I was glad we had just made the trip last month and had spent that time with him. just continue to pray for the family and dealing with their grief and pray that my family gets to feeling better.

hope you all had a happy easter.

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herb said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Never an easy thing to go through, but it's encouraging to read how you found blessings in spite of all the craziness.

It was wonderful to talk to you yesterday and catch up. I'll have to do that more often.


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