Saturday, April 28, 2007

crash landed on the island of kawaii

kawaii (ka wa ee)....... japanese for cuteness

i've never really been a cute person. wait that didnt sound right. i mean i have been told i am quite fetching but thats another story. what i meant to say was i usually dont go in for all that cute stuff....... ruffles, bows, pink. i just described my worst nightmare of a dress at age 7.

but i just cant stop making all these cute little things. i love my amigurumi crochet and even the stuffed material softies i am playing around with.
at the age of 32.... wait am i 32 yet? no i am still 31. at the age of 31 am i just discovering my "cuteness" side? whats next pigtails with little bows?...... oh wait i wear those too. hey when did i start doing cute?!

meet fuzzy the bear ...thanks tatyanna ...and frazzle the bluebird. these are the newest members to my family of cuteness. i think its time for an intervention or at least a drink.


Jerusalem said...

So cute!!! I love the bluebird. Adorable : )

tracy said...

oooh, love the little bluebird!

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