Tuesday, April 24, 2007

dinner...... last night

when i saw it in this months bhg, i knew i would have to fix it. it just looked to scrumptious and sounded even better after i had read the recipe. i talked about it for about 2 weeks how i was going to fix it. i had my own "add-ins" planned to make it really a full meal. i even bought the ingredients the first part of last week. but due to scheduling and me still not feeling that great (i am still coughing), it got put off.

really i was dying to make this recipe. another reason i kept putting it off was the fact that the oven temp was 450 and i knew that by late afternoon when i would have to start this it would really heat up the house and send our geriatric air conditioner into a fit. but as i looked in the crisper this afternoon it was becoming do or die for the produce i had purchased.

i used zucchini and summer squash, an orange bell pepper and onion, but added mushrooms and at the end a can of chicken along with the last minute ingredients to be added. it smelled divine and i knew would spark bens interest when he came in the door. i didnt used fresh parmesan. in fact i had forgotten to buy it all together. but thanks to the pizza hut man i had a store house of cheese packets from home deliveries. lol. hey it was an emergency.

ben and i loved it. the kids a bit weary..... david ate most of his and said he like it. phoebe said she was picking off the ones she didnt like....... which ended up to look like all of them. luke slept through dinner (his naps are off because he is about to grow out of them..... which is why i am up so late posting this and it will actually end up with the wrong date on it. oh well)

i hope you will try this at home and give it your own spin. i am thinking artichoke hearts next time. bon appetite.

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