Wednesday, April 25, 2007

happiness is....

... this little creation.

here's my new bluebird. a more simple approach than the other one. i had this thing screaming in my head, trying to get out. and well you know how those inspirations are.

i drew out the pattern myself after a search for one on the web came up with nothing. its not that i didnt think i could do it. i mean i work in the costume department of the theatre for 5 years of college. i can make patterns. its just been so long sometimes i forget. lol. i think it was the 3 pieces and the curve of the belly i was afraid i would get stumped on but i didnt. and am quite proud of myself i must say.

i have a thing for these very ragged rustic looking wings huh? i am toying with the idea of having exposed seams...... hmmmm.

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