Wednesday, April 04, 2007

hot off the press

..... or rather the sewing machine.

i made these from a pair of pillow cases i had bought at savers in little rock, ar one time on one of my jaunts there with jerusalem. i struggled with the idea of whether to actually use them as pillowcases since there were 2 of them. but decided i have enough of those for my actually pillows lets have fun with the cool vintage fabric.

i loosely followed a tutorial for the skirt from here. slight modifications but basically the same idea. then pieced together the extra i had trimmed from the folded over cuffs of the pillowcases for the purse, adding in the eyelet lace and brown ribbon.


Jerusalem said...

Sew cute. Hehe. Love the brown ribbon accent. You are so talented - if the world only knew..

erin said...

LOVE it! the green print with the brown is fabulous. well done!

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