Wednesday, April 04, 2007

how does your garden grow

these are my easter flowers. my simple attempt for sprucing up the table on sunday. i have been rather under the weather for a week so my main focus shall once again be to get the house clean. lol like that ever stops. anyway so i saw these at HEB and splurged.

i have a certain fondness for bulb plants. growing up my dad would plant beds and beds of them. tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths......(it took me over 5 min to find the correct spelling for that)

he would order then from holland. i remember us pouring over the catalogs of flowers. my sis and i were always allowed to pick a variety for ourselves too.

but his flowers were beautiful. i think our teachers became spoiled to the flowers they were treated with every spring.

so hopefully i can keeps these alive and maybe replant them.

this is my rose bush out front. i cant believe how many roses are on it at one time!!! its never looked so good. and there are still more buds to burst!!

i didnt plant this. it came with the house but i must say that i feel it has benefited from my tending. the bed its in doesnt get much sun until late afternoon so the rose bush has really stretched itself out over the bed to get its sunlight. its impeding ben's parking spot. i have promised that i will trim it back but i just cant bring myself to cut it till all the blooms have opened.

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