Friday, April 20, 2007

look what i found today

look at my treasures from fredricksburg!!!!

arent these the cutest. my kitchen is orange and green.... well just about everything in my house is orange and green. those are my fav colors. and with the oh so retro style i couldnt pass these by.

i bought these 2 items at the same booth. one at the beginning and one at the end. the orange vintage fabric was my first find. i had visions of making another summer skirt from it but decided it wanted to be a table cloth instead.

the book....which was my final buy..... is so much fun. just as the title says home decoration with fabric and thread by ruth wyeth spears. it was published in 1940 and is full of the neatest patterns and ideas. from slipcovers to quilts and needlepoint all the way to dolls and fun stuff for kids.

this settee will be our first project for phoebe's room.

side note: alas the book has fallen victim to the eagerness of little hands. the pages are very brittle in areas and phoebe in her haste to skim all the pages has ripped 2 pages so far. breakout the scotch tape. i wasnt mad, not even after the 2nd time, but just stressed the delicacy of which we were to handle it from now on.

she's afraid to touch it. she'll only peer at it from about a foot away poor thing.

i have many other photos i snapped of different interesting things but they will have to wait. there was a bit of a camera ordeal in that i left its batteries in the charger this morning and mom left hers in the car when we got there so we only have shots from the last half of the day. so wait till tomorrow so i can extract those shots from her.

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