Thursday, April 19, 2007

mdo: the starbucks experience

today is thursday. thursdays luke goes to mdo or mother's day out for those you not up on you sahm lingo....... (stay at home mom).

that's the day i spend running around do all the stuff i like to do with out a 3 yr old in tow. not much was on todays celebration of freedom to do list. i resisted the urge to go to hancocks and look at fabric i didnt need. i am following a tip from here on declaring april the use-what-you-have-and-dont-buy-more month. i tried to get something printed out at the copy place but i had grabbed to wrong disk. so i decided to swing by starbucks and head home to do what i should be doing which is the house, the laundry, and yes hopefully even some painting. yeah like on a real canvas and stuff.

i ordered my vanilla latte... which is kind of out of character of me. usually i order a chia tea latte or a triple americano but i must have felt like a change today. anyway so i get to the window and the guy handing me my tall vanilla latte says "oh my gosh with those sunglasses on you look just like the red head from desperate housewives. whats her name?..... marcia something."
my only response was "oh really". i had never gotten that before. you see my sunglasses are (and always have been) huge black or brown ones. very audrey-esque if you will. and i have gotten many o-you-look-like-such-and-such when i wear them.

but i dont see much resemblance. maybe the pointy chin and paper white but i do love her hair. so i guess i dont mind the compliment. but i mean come on who doesnt look like someone else when your wearing big black sunglasses.

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