Saturday, April 28, 2007

pages to pour over

i got the chance to do some quick book browsing the other night at b&n about 45 min before they closed and found some wonderful books. i must have these.....

this book was so inspiring. i love altered art and collage and all that kind of cool art where you have to look and search through things to find their hidden secrets. so many times i want to create art like this. but most times when i sit down to do it i cant think or it doesnt seem to go together well. most of my altered or collage projects sort of evolve over time.
but this book was very interesting to look at.... from the quick skim i was able to give it. the author gives steps and processes as well as how to use everyday items and found pieces.

once again, something i really want to start doing. this book is simply a collection of artist trading cards. each page displays cards from different artists. much like the big coffee table art books of monet or cezzane, the cards are simply shown as what they are miniature works of art.
i think i will have to redeem my mypoints and use them towards some purchases.

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