Monday, April 30, 2007

splendor in the swap

well i did it!!!
i finally joined my first swap. i have been dying to get in on this crafters blog fad for a while now but was always coming upon the swaps past the deadline or after the swap completely.
i found this one through inspire co. and amy's link led me to here.
its a travel themed swap. and immediately my mind started spinning. my first thought was what could i crochet that would be travel themed. lol but i think i will pass on that. but i do have a plan. its growing in my head as i type just bursting to get out.
but alas i must finish a commissioned job for jerusalem and get it to her before friday. eeeks!! i probably keep the post office in the black with all my overnight packages. lol. hopefully i will be able to get them scanned too before i have to rush them off.

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