Wednesday, April 18, 2007

words of the wise

i found this by way of meg rooks at pixiegenne.

i do believe that fred rogers was one of the most insightful men of our time. i grew up watching him and even resorted back to watching episodes in my high school and college years when i was search for the calmness his program always exuded.

i remember the day i heard of his passing. i had just dropped my children off at mother's day out and was driving out of the parking lot when the radio announced the news. i was grief stricken. tears welled in my eyes. i cried the whole day i think. he encouraged kids to be kids. to use their imaginations, to let them own their emotions instead of their emotions owning them. very simple concepts that i think many adults could do with a dose of these days.

so here i am wiping tears away and sniffling.

i have felt frustrated and ragged lately. things happening in life that are hindering my ventures. life has to happen and i certainly dont want to let my ventures get in the way of life... kids, family, etc.

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herb said...

you need to come visit us here. there is a fred rogers museum. i think he was from this area.

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