Monday, May 14, 2007

apron day!!

as i said in my last post its wear your apron out day.

i am finally posting some pics about those aprons i have been bragging about. not only do i get lazy about cleaning and blogging, but at uploading my pics as well. lol. so here goes.

this first one is my do all apron. its one of the first i made and its just started out as a bandanna.

here is phoebe in her apron. once again it began life as a bandanna. are you getting that i like to work with bandannas. she loves it and has worn it everyday since i made it for her. i told her today was apron day and she couldn't wait to wear it to school. i snapped this shot this morning before she left.

and this is the apron i couldn't decide what to do with. i think i will sell it, now i just have to decided if i will send it to jerusalem to put in the shoppe or on etsy. i am going to put it up on this month's tie one on challenge. which was a pocket theme. i love these little pockets with the layered eyelet lace. and the bows. and the buttons. do you see why it was so hard for me to decided if i want to keep it or not.

i made another one for mom too, but haven't gotten a picture of it. soon. ummm..... yeah... soon.

happy apron day!!!!

dont forget these other apron loving sites:
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and there are tons more just do some searching!!


herb said...

LOVE the aprons! Thanks for putting up the pics. Will you make more girl sized aprons to sell? If so I have two little princesses who would go hog-wild over them.

missy said...

omg! LOVE the pockets with the eyelette lace! TOO CUTE!

futuregirl said...

The green apron is just adorable! I love the seersucker. :)

Kitchen Madonna said...

How lovely and utterly feminine!

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