Friday, May 04, 2007


ok its one of those days.

i feel blah... not just a mental blah but a physical one too. i guess i'm going to have to suck it up and go to the dr on monday. i've been sick for about a month and a half. a cold shouldnt drag on that long right? i just hate the thought of that deductible i have.

we are packing for a quick trip to the in law's lake house in comanche, tx. should be fun. i'll get all my crochet projects caught up on and all the things that need to go out for etsy. thank you nancy, donna, and kate for your orders!!!

ohh brown....... what to say. i do like brown. coffee and dark chocolate my 2 fav browns which i couldnt get a picture of today. since i was sooo blahhhh i quickly snapped this pic of my growing collection of brown shoes.

ballet flats (my absolute fav shoe!!!!), the sexy kitten heels, and my awesome clearance suede boots

i hope to get back in time for saturday's black but if not we'll have a black and white sunday. lol.

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Kuky said...

Yeah colds don't last that long. Do go get checked. Once I moved to a new place about 10 minutes away from where I used to live. I thought I was sick all the time. Turns out I was allergic to some trees in that area.

And I LOVE ballet flats! I bought some new red ones and was so excited when I found them. I thought I tried them on but guess not because when I wore them out the first time they were too big. So bummed.

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