Saturday, May 12, 2007

by the time i get done with this it shoudl be close to 4:00. go ahead check the time..... thats 4 am. if i sty up for about 2 more hours i will have been upfor 24 hours. dont worry it wont happen. i am getting all flip flopped. during the day i can hardly keep my eyes open but at night i am ready to go. and i didnt really drink that much coffee today. i think i had about a 6 cup pot of coffee through out the whole day and if you know me thats nothing..... thats usually breakfast, then the sfternoon pot, and possible the evening pot if ben gets a wild hair. get this he took about a 2 hr nap this evening and i am the one still up. he also drank all of my malibu. grumble, grumble. i'd probably be asleep now if he hadnt done that. lol.

i got ne whoel apron finished ..... wait make that 2.5 aprons finished. i made one for phoebe and got through half ... well got started on a second adult one. this first one i finished..... i cant decided. do i keep it? put it in one of the shoppes? or give it to mom for mother's day? (pictures will be coming soon remember its almost 4am.)
i do think i will put it in this month's tie one on. the theme is about pockets and while they are on the small size, they are quite interesting.

i am planning to do a swap with jeru.. an apron for a banner. we'll see how it all works out.

oh well i feel the sleep starting to take whole..holed... hold. this is how my brain is workign right now.

odddddddddddddddd oops sorry.

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