Thursday, May 17, 2007

i feel so loved

thank you thank you thank you to everyone here and outside of here that has expressed their prayers and well wishes.
ben got home late last night. he said the interview went very well and they will let us know by tuesday night if he has the job.
ahhhhhhhh i hate waiting!!!
and yes i was a wreck at 1 yesterday. i couldn't do anything. usually i am fairly easy going. things don't usually work me up like this but i was a mess. i couldnt even surf the web or crochet with any kind of distracting effects. lol. i ended up falling asleep for about half an hour (which was probably good considering my sleeping habits as of late).
so we wait. did i mention i hate waiting?
but today is MDO so i will be out and about. i have a couple of gifts and swap items i need to get started on...... i am in 3 swaps right now!! can you believe that. and i have never swapped before. don't worry my partners, i am on the ball. travel. apron. cupcake. i think for the gifts i need to make i am going to make a some quilts like the one over here at violet & rose. so off to pine over the goodies at hobby lobby. lol. hopefully i can stay away from the yarn section today.


herb said...

Know that I have been and will continue to pray for you. I agree, waiting is pure misery. Anyway, I really like your quilt idea for gifts. I made 2 just like it and will have to send you a picture of one of them (the other one I gave to my mom). My one piece of advice is DON'T wash it in your washing machine. I just about killed mine because of the loose threads. Definitely go to a laundry-mat. :(

wheatgerm said...

bieng loved is good

Violet & Rose said...

Hi Jeanetta,
If you send me your e-mail (I couldn't seem to see it), I can give you some more info on the quilt, but yes, the seams are all at the front and the back is flat. And yes, it does loose a lot of threads, but I lost most of mine in the clothes dryer, so I had to keep clearing the filter every 15 minutes or so. Goodluck with them, have fun. Oh, and I love your little cupcakes. gorgeous.

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