Sunday, May 13, 2007

its 4 in the morning again. and noo i haven't been up all night again. just since 2:30. yesterday i only got about 2 hours of sleep before the smaller humans of the house came in to tell me they "wanted juice", or "whats for breakfast", or "can we watch cartoons?" and most of the time if i have to stir too much, there is no way i am getting back to sleep.

anyway back to why i am up now....... well like i said 2 hours of sleep, the morning at my mom's pool, fabric shopping and general running around with hubby, back home to whip out a new apron to give mom for mother's day (i think i will sell that other one), kids getting back from mom's, quick chicken soup on the table for their dinner and i crash. hit the bed at about 8 and i was out. still in my clothes, still smelling like sunscreen.

so if you do the math 8-2 is about 6 hours of sleep which is normal for me. so when for whatever reason i awake at 2 to find myself with luke on one side wrapped in the quilt.... and wet because he has no pull up on (which i had to take car of). and ben on the other (my side) of the bed. stumbling into the living room i find more bodies. originally thinking i would lay down on the couch but no such luck since david is asleep there and phoebe on the floor. it tried sleeping in one of their beds but no such luck.

so just as i was starting to get them in their beds, the power goes out. i'm like what?!its not like there's a storm or anything!? and its dark. like i cant see anything. i stumble for the mantle where i am hoping there's a box of matches and begin lighting candles. ok every one in their bed and here i am awake with no power to read by, web surf by, or even heat up a cup of coffee with. but it was only out for about 40 min.

i am quickly see that this post isn't really about much other than the reason that i am up at 4 again. and i just realised its mother's day. yeah happy mother's day to me. i guess now i must clean the house since we have company coming. hmmmmm...... not one of my fav things to do. i think i need more coffee.

*** hey yall, tomorrow is national wear your apron day!!!!****
check out eren san pedro's new blog called apronista for details. and sign up for an apron swap over at one hour craft.


Kuky said...

Happy mother's day!! And IT IS about 6:15am here. And I have been up all night! YIKES! Off to bed now.

herb said...

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day! Post pics of your aprons.

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