Friday, May 25, 2007

look what i did and what i should be doing

check out my new creations. these crocheted rose broaches are going to the shop in little rock but hopefully i will have more made soon to put on etsy. but if you really feel that you need one of these send me a comment and i will put it up on etsy. first come first serve.

here i am modeling for you. only this one isn't for sale it was given as a gift.

i should be organizing my house. but you know what they say about when the cats away the mouse will play. well i am a float trip widow this weekend. yep that's right ben and his cronies from college still get together and float the buffalo. they finally stopped going with the current members from the club when they all realised they were getting too old and were really really annoyed by the 18 yr olds. lol.

so yeah i need to go do something... you know like clean... or something.

this is going to sound odd but i am going to have to try to stay away from the computer so much and get somethings done around this house. i mean we have to be in arkansas in 3 months. it would be nice if the house sold before we had to move.

i still cant believe it...... (doing my happy dance)

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