Tuesday, May 01, 2007

sort of red tuesday..... kind of more orange

ok very orange.
look at me how bad i am. here i am already messing up jerusalem's week of color. i didnt do monday's blue and here i go messing with tuesday's red.

i am just not a red person. i really tried. i think i have one red thing that i like and i couldnt find them this morning. they are a pair of red chinese flip flops ben got me for my birthday a couple years ago. but i cant find them this morning. grrrr. and the only other thing is the chipped off red polish on my toenails...... not pretty.

so i am moving over on the color wheel and selecting orange. it takes red to make it. and its one of my fav colors.
some of my favorite orange things around the house
this is a wall hanging i painted..... hint hint.... its on etsy.
the groovy orange fabric i got on my trip to market trade days.
and my favorite place to find orange..... a beautiful sunset.

1 comment:

Jerusalem said...

I love it! So glad you included orange, so you!

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