Thursday, May 03, 2007

thursday in pink

as i have said before i was never into the cuteness thing. and that included the color pink. but i must say that it has grown on me. i think this is due in part to my daughter phoebe. just about everything pink in this house resides in her room. so thats where i will start.

this picture epitomizes phoebe for me. actually i think its just the idea of having a pink power ranger. such a sweet color on a warrior. thats phoebe. she's all pretty princess until you mess with her, then she's liable to take your head off.

these are some of my favorite pink things. mt teapot that matches all my dishes. it was never a pattern i would have picked for myself. i got the set as a wedding present but have come to really like them.

my pink strappy shirt. i love these shirts. i would live in them and gauchos if i could.... i almost do. lol.

i made these pincushions for on
etsy and the shop back before easter. i love their look but they didnt sell very well. :(

below are some pink art works:
the pink rose... much like the one from the orange collection on tuesday.
the bubble mural... have i mentioned that i do murals?? well i do. this was one i did last summer i think for a girls room. light airy bubbles float around the room. even up to the 14 ft peak in the ceiling.
the pink slipper... simple doodle that earned some embellishment.

its mdo today. i think i shall crochet at b&n. have a great day!!:)


Nancy said...

I adore the cute little pin cushion! Is it still on Etsy? I don't sew, but could pretend....

Jerusalem said...

I love it all of course. Especially the power ranger. So Pheobe!

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