Sunday, May 06, 2007

a weekend in black and white

whats that they say about opposites attract.
seems like when we have one of these colors we have the other as well...... a bride and groom or the keys on a piano...... opposites working together.
as an art teacher, you teach your children about the color wheel and how white is the absence of color and black is when all colors are there. but in science when you study light you learn its just the opposite.... black is the absence of color, hence darkness, and whit it the presence of all color, hence the light.
i say all this crazy color theory philosophy because i don't think you can really have one without the other. you need the balance. so my weekend has become a duo.

i love black and while photography. i think my favorite pictures around the house are the ones that were done in black and white. of course these days you can make any picture in black and white but it still doesn't loose the effect. (this is my favorite picture from my wedding, thanks marc phelan.... its the only one framed in the living room.... everyone says its the perfect picture to represent us.)

this is a favorite dish of mine. i think i got it when some guys in college moved out of their place and ben brought it over to me. i love it and even remember seeing more at the local thrift shop in arkadelphia called the beehive while in college. i wish i had bought more. once again another pattern i am looking for.

these are my favorite coffee cups that i have as a set. they were part of pampered chefs line. i loved the squareness of them. something you don't expect in a coffee cup. all white true to pampered chef form but once you put strong black coffee in them they fit out color scheme for this weekend. they have discontinued this style so i bought 8 of them sadly one has already broken.... thanks ben.

nearly everything in my house is framed in a black frame. i don't know if its the whole art gallery look they project or what.

i love black and white toile!!!! it make the perfect accent for my funky mix of green and orange (which has the habit of looking 70's retro sometimes).


Jerusalem said...

Love it all. And yes, that picture is the pefect picture of the 2 of funny.

Jen - Earth Angels said...

Jeanetta -- wow so glad we could connect in BLOGland and do love your post - super cool black and white tribute. Have a fabulous day
xxoo Jen

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