Wednesday, June 06, 2007

happy birthday phoebe....

....and some other things.

Today is Phoebe's 7th birthday. I cant believe how much she has grown. Definitely not my little little girl any more. I mean she is still my little girl, come on she's only seven. But she is changing. Am I ready for this? hmmmm .....
On Saturday we had her party.

 I think I loved it as much as she did and the rest of the little girls.
 Everyone all came so dressed up they just looked like a miniature "ladies who lunch" group.
OK fair warning that the rest of this post may become long because i have to fit a bunch of stuff in. I haven't been around much because I am up to my eye balls in DIY and packing and other things I committed to before I knew we were going to have to move.

Sunday night the children's drama group performed an "end of the year worship review". I spliced some worship songs with bits of dialogue for a great little show. Complete with an awesome show stopping rendition of I am a promise with hats and canes and a chorus line. Can you believe it in a Baptist church too. lol. It brought the house down. Made me a little sad though because I realized that it was the last show I would be doing with these kids. and as much as I complain and over commit and push it to the line, I love to watch them get up on stage and perform their little hearts out for GOD.

Let 's see.. Monday...hmmm I can't remember Monday... oooh yeeah. The kids spent Sunday night with mom and Monday morning I knocked out the paring down of the boys room and packing up most of it. Then Ben and I tackled the floors in our master bath. We had ripped out the old sapphire blue peel and stick vinyl tiles that were original to the house... I know we don't seem much for preservation , huh? I picked out a very nice Armstrong vinyl tile in a soft brown tone and we started laying that down. I got stuck will doing all the cuts. I guess he was figuring with all my background with an exacto that was the job for me. My fingers were so super sticky by the end of the night. But it does look awesome and we almost have it painted...with a possible glazing in the future...maybe.

Yesterday was another of those prior commitments. We have a young couple getting married at our church we are friends with. I they wanted me to work my magic using what the church flower closet had to decorate for the wedding later this month... June 23rd to be exact (hint hint... it also happens to be my birthday :) Any way I told her I could help her make her bouquets as well. She wanted hydrangeas.... the same flower I had at my wedding bouquet which I made myself too. So we called in an assembly line and I showed everyone how to put together you basic posy bouquet with the ribbon wrapped stems and all. You know the kind. Then in was back home for more DIY and packing blah blah blah.

So that's what I have been up to. Don't expect too much in the near future. Etsy orders I hope to get out tomorrow. And my swappers I haven't forgotten ye. Ben's making me pack up my craft supplies so its hard to get things done when I am supposed to be cleaning . lol. And he's out of school so he's here all the time now too. I find it amazing I am able to fit this post in . lol.


Nancy said...

Jeanetta, I KNEW I liked you! My birthday is June 23 too! As my hubby says, I'm hitting the double nickle this year.... 55! Nancy

KARA said...

oh wow the party looks so cute, I want to have a tea party now, oh they all look so lovely in there dresses.

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