Thursday, July 05, 2007

in a big country

you may have heard me rant about the fireworks near my house around new years a few months ago. our subdivision is just out side the city limits and flanked on all sides by firework stands and stores. there is a huge open field next to the kid's school, which we live behind and every one goes there to shoot off fireworks. its all with in walking distance from our street.
usually, we don't stay here for the 4th. it can get rather noisy and go on forever. but this being our last time to experience the assault of explosives we decided to stay. we invited my parents and our friends the wilsons over..... and i might mention dionne has started her own blog, so in a few days once she finally gets something up **hint,hint** give her a visit.

if you have watched the news and or weather lately you know that texas has been experiencing some rather heavy rains. it rained alot tuesday and wednesday morning even. so it was looking rather grim for fireworks .... as well as having 8 children only being able to play inside the house.

but the skies did clear late afternoon and come about 8pm you could hear the scattered pop, fizz, and whoosh of fireworks. all night dionne and tom's kids kept asking if we would get to go see the fireworks display from sea world, which is near their house. i laughed and said you don't need to go anywhere to see a fireworks display. honey we are in the middle of the display in this neighborhood.

and sure enough as soon as dark hit everyone let loose. we drug out patio chairs out to the front of the drive way and let down the tail of the old truck and sat there to watch total wimbledon head swivelling style.

we were out there no more than 5 minutes, i was just get comfy with my coffee in a chair when a few sprinkles started to land. seconds later we were all scrambling for the cover of our overhang near the front and around the garage. the grownups all laughed in astonishment while the kids groaned their displeasure.

so back inside to check the radar and see what displays were on the tube.... thanks pbs. the rain eventually stopped and the neighborhood started back up again and as our guest were leaving (really hard to photograph fireworks ) we stood for a while longer and actually enjoyed the free for all of a firework display about us. the rain had done much to settle the smoke and taste of gunpowder but it soon can back and i started sneezing so i deemed it time to go inside. you can imagine the response of groans and disgruntledness i received.

how my kids got to sleep i will never know. the rains may have dampened some of the neighborhood's spirits but not all and the much exploding for the rest of the night. i was up on the computer till 1am and was still hearing them.

so i am marking this post as a beginning of a series. things i know i will miss when i am gone from here. and i really believe this will be one of those things. as much as i have scorned my neighborhood's love of fireworks and usually made sure i wasn't here on the designated days. i think i will miss it.

hope you all had a safe and happy 4th.


Nancy said...

I know what you mean about fireworks. I hate them in the neighborhood. They're loud, obnoxious, and dangerous in the hands of partiers. But it's tradition, and I think I'd miss them if they didn't keep you wake all night.

bellacolle said...

Oh yes... I live in the country..It was a scene from the 'Patriot' the 4th.. but..It's home. And I thank the good Lord for it. Hope your 4th turned out happy.

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