Monday, July 02, 2007

joy rapture and long suffering

ok yes i have been very absent.

but i had a good reason.

we were righting the house in san antonio and then there was the wedding.... ooo yes pics up soon. and we came to arkansas, i am still here writing this post from jerusalem's office.

we've been here since last monday and a short 5 day trip turned into a week long stay... invading her family..... you can read all about it here.

but anyway back to the search. we couldn't find a place to buy to save our lives. we didn't want to have to rent ..... you know the whole money down the drain thing. but we weren't having any luck. every offer we put in had other bids going at the same time and we were continually being on the loosing end. and we were even offering more that the asking price.

i was feeling very discouraged and sad. i don't think i have ever been rejected so many times in one week in my life.

but we set out today on a mission. come hell or high water.... as it pours down rain now...... we were going to find a place to live.

and find it we did.

its so cute. and has all wood floors. it only has one bathroom but that should be fun... lol. so now we need to head back home and pack everything up. ooo did i mention we pretty much have our texas housr sold. all the world is looking bright again.


Mystele said...

I'm so glad you found a place and that neither hell or high water had to come!!! Best of all,I'm glad that it delights you...He does give us the desires of our hearts, doesn't He, in one way or another? Saying a little prayer for you right now re: the finalization of everything in both places. Take care!

Nancy said...

How great that things have worked out. Now the fun begins! Nancy

tracy said...

congratulations on finding a house! And man, at that price, I may have to move to Arkansas, too!

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