Tuesday, July 31, 2007

where is it all supposed to go

you've heard the old saying.....

" a place for everything and everything in its place."

well our new house was rather short on places.

so i am having to create some.

habitat for humanity has a store in north little rock and i love it!!! you can get all these discarded building supplies and such. i am in heaven when i am there. i went last week in search for cabinets. i wanted one to go over our toilet in our one bathroom and something i could stack to create a pantry in the kitchen and reserve the cabinets in the house for my dishes..... i have a ton of dishes in storage at my aunt's house in batesville.

well you can't believe the deal i got. they were having a buy 2 get one free sale on their cabinets. now you can't beat a deal like that can you. and with most being between $10 and $15 its a win win situation in my opinion.

so this is what i got for $30.....

my soon to be bathroom cabinet

our new kitchen pantry

and i will probably make something for the shop out of this one. hmmmm... i am thinking a nice low storage cabinet with some shelving added to the sides.


tracy said...

great finds! I'm totally with you on "everything needing a space".

KARA said...

wow bargains.

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