Tuesday, August 28, 2007

across the pond

we miss having one of our cable channels.

in san antonio we were able to get BBC Kids on demand with our digital cable. there were 2 shows that we..... and i mean myself and the kids had grown attached to.

we loved every episode and would watch them over and over to our heart's content. but sadly there is no time warner cable here and while we have great channels for the kids, like pbs sprout which we only had on demand before, we miss out british shows.

i tried to go online and find some on video, but didn't have much luck. luke loved going to the websites of the shows and was so tickled to be able to sing and dance to the theme songs.

i meant to fill up a tape full of those shows before we left san antonio but i was a little busy with packing and all and never got around to it.

if anyone out there has any ideas let me know.

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