Wednesday, August 08, 2007

better late than never

you may have heard about the artful blogger tea party artsymama is having in celebration of being written up in sommerset's artful blogging.
well i almost decided that i just wouldn't participate seeing as i had tons of things half done, no good pics of things i had finished, or no time to mock up some tutorial steps. but i just couldn't.

so i am asking for some opinions out there.

i am in the middle of a crafting delima. i can't tell if i am going in the right direction or not.

remember these chairs?

well the idea was to tape them off in stripes and harlequins and paint them up giving them a french feel. i choose black... just because i love using black as an accent color.

i finished up 2 of them with the stripes and a m just not sure about them. they seem to have too much of a tim burton flair to them.

at jerusalem's suggestion i sanded them down some but still don't have a secure feeling about them.

am i head in the right direction? any ideas?


Jerusalem said...

ooooh I LOVE the chairs! They are so precious! Also I think maybe the idea to outline them with a softer color - pink, green etc. is a great one! You are so talented. Lucky me!

jessi said...

I am loving the chair before you sanded it!

thanks for stopping by my blog today - I love yours - I'm putting in my bloglines!

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