Thursday, August 02, 2007

farmers market

today we went to the farmers market at the fairgrounds.

i picked up a bunch of banana peppers and ben grabbed some white eggplant, some japanese eggplant, and a big bag of purple hull peas.

he then put the kids to the task that he was given as a kid.

shellin' peas.

he said his nanny used to buy a whole pick up beds worth. she would lay out a big blanket in the living room and the peas would be placed there and anyone and everyone with in the confines of the property was put to work shellin' peas. he said he always hated it because as a kid he couldn't stand the shows his grandparents watched...... news, soap operas, game shows.


Eren said...

You made it!!! So glad to hear you are settling in. And I have shelled more peas than I care to mention in my day. But I have always found it theraputic. Love shellin' me some peas.

KARA said...

that is so cute bless them x x

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