Monday, August 20, 2007

i got my house back

today school started. yippeee! i got my house back.

see when your husband is a teacher everyone is home during the summer. which is good in the beginning because i am not at home all day with 3 kids. but as the summer wains on i am just ready to get them all out of my hair. lol

they were starting a new school. which they were a bit apprehensive about. but i knew they would do good.

i wish i could have gotten more pics ...... like of the entrance way they had set up for them to pass through all decked out wit silver streamers and archways and red carpet. we walked over so i was pushing luke in the stroller, not easy to take pics doing that. and they had a guy in a tux and a lady in this silver flowy formal greeting them then their principal would give a medal proclaiming them a star. they made a really big deal about it.

i walked them over again this morning. proud of myself that i am doing that. i am picking them up in the afternoons via the van just because its hotter and i don't want to listen to them complain all the way home about being tired and hot, lol. maybe when it cools off we will trek it by foot both ways. but i will definitely not be showing up as early as i did yesterday to pick them up. man that was one headache of traffic debacle. this is the first time i have every really had to deal with that.

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Scott, Julie and Danielle said...

Wow! Look at how big they are!!! *sigh*
Sounds like they had quite a welcome - I hope they settle in well and adjust to the new school. I'm sure they'll love it. Plus, being closer to Wylie and Miles has to be a bonus!

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