Friday, August 10, 2007

a little bit at a time

in some ways i am a bit disappointed in myself.
in the past couple of months i have really been struck with a passion for reducing my family's footprint on the world. and by that i just mean by using less energy and just basically being more eco conscious. i was struck with this so called passion while we were in the middle of moving and felt i really couldn't implement new standards during that upheaval.
i read about the way that plastic grocery bags were so terrible for the environment that they were everywhere. and i can so believe that because they are everywhere in our house. i found a link to here that talks about using fabric grocery bags. i have been bookmarking post about making grocery bags out of old t shirts and various other patterns for them. but have i made them yet? .... no.
granted i have been busy getting settled. still not there yet that's why you have seen no pics of the new house.
but i was happy to see both walmart and kroger offering grocery bag recycling at their stores. have i dropped them off yet? no, as i said before they are all over my house lol. but i have faith i will and that i will get those fabric bags made as well.
i was thrilled that we would be so close to things. close to bens work .... alittle too close for him lol. he's about a block away from the school so he will be walking. and the kids school is only a couple of streets up so walking would be an option for them too. so hopefully we will be spending less on gas..... except for those trips i will be making to north little rock. lol.
and i have really become interested in re-fashioning. and found this great blog called wardrobe refashion. its all bout buying used clothing and re-purposing them. hit those garage sales and thrift stores.... you don't have to twist my arm for that
but i am extremely happy to say i think i have only used my dryer 4 times in the almost month we have lived here. the house had a clothes line in the back and i have been using that. i was inspired by happy things and her new found love of her clothesline.
i was terrified to have one before because of my families dealings with allergies. but before we left san antonio ben had strung one up in the hopes of cutting our electric bill and not making the house quite as hot with it. i can get a lot more laundry done in a day too so that is nice. it doesn't pile up as much as it used to. and there is something quite relaxing about the whole process of hanging clothes out to dry. and fingers crossed we haven't really had in problems with allergies.
ok so maybe i am not doing as bad as i thought. at least i am trying. and i was glad to see that conway has an easy recycling pick up. super easy! almost seems that arkansas is more eco minded than texas... at least in san antonio. i guess they really mean what they say about that state nick name..... the natural state.


Liz said...

yeah Austin is the most eco-conscious city in Texas, by far... Good for you! We are indeed called to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us.

Kuky said...

Freaky! I was sewing a fabric grocery bag last night. And I was just about to post about how I'm becoming more eco-conscious when I decided to do a little blog reading first. I went to click on the latest commenters on my site and yours was the first post I read. Weird you're thinking the same thing I am!

tracy said...

we started recycling in our household a few months back. we don't have curbside pick-up, so I have to take it the recycling center, and do so about once a month. I set up bins in the garage for newspaper, magazines & catalogs, plastics, tin & glass & I have a big box to hold cardboard. since we're down to one garbage can per week, we use the 2nd can for aluminum cans. we started composting this summer, too, and it was truly amazing how much we reduced our garbage by. I recycle plastic garbage bags as a poo-picker-upper on dog walks, although I know that's not really recycling! you're lucky you can hang your clothes out; I would hang our clothes out to dry in a second if we didn't have so much damn rain!

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