Saturday, August 04, 2007

more of the good stuff

twice in one week.....
and only a day apart!
how lucky can i be?

yesterday jerusalem and i hit the trails again. i say trails because in a way it felt like a wagon train or caravan out on some great adventure.

thursday night was first thursday. that's when the shoppes in the hillcrest area have shop and sip. so i went with my first new item since arriving here

and with phoebe in tow. after weeks of begging she was finally getting her night to say with miz jerusalem...... by herself.

so yesterday we planned to hit some church rummage sales when i went to pic her up. here is where the whole "caravan-group-of-moving-nomadic-junk-picking-people-theme" comes in. she had her two and i had brought david with me (it was the least i could do to make up for the injustice handed him because he didn't get to spend the night) and we headed out into world of treasure hunting.

this is one of my favorite patterns. an these pieces go so well with some of my past finds.

tile trivets.... only a dime a piece!!!!

another book to ad to my vintage arts and crafts book collection.

tons of old linens and an s&p set for just a buck (the mccoy frog was already mine)

i have plans for these children's chairs for the shop so stay tuned..... oh lala. and only a buck a piece.... may have to o back and get more.

these luminaries have already begun their transformation.

i think i really instilled in my kids the whole love of garage sales because they realized they could buy really cool things for a quarter..... or even a dime!! and if it gets broken i don't worry cause it didn't cost that much to begin with.

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