Tuesday, August 07, 2007

recomended reading

well this is a long time coming. i have been wanting to post about this for a while. but i was right in the middle of our mad packing and moving time that i couldn't quite sneak the time to post it.

I have mentioned on here before that i love romance novels. and i picked up one during the moving frenzy that i just absolutely loved and wished i was the main character.

no not because the leading hunk was mouth-watering.

its called savannah blues by mary kay andrews. and the main character is an antique picker. i never knew that's what i was until i read this. but i wanted to be the main character because i wanted to be at all these sales she kept going to. all the finds she happened upon. and of course its set in savannah, georgia. who wouldn't?

the story wasn't.... shall we say as "racy" as my usual picks but i enjoyed it all the same. I am horrible at summarizing so just follow the link above and read about it.

jerusalem, who turns her nose up at my usual selection of reading..... lol, even liked it. i am lazily re-reading these days. i really am trying not to get sucked into another book these days as i have lots of projects i want to get to the shoppe in little rock. and poor etsy has just been so neglected. once i get back on the ball.

here is a teaser of what i have been trying to finish up.

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