Wednesday, September 26, 2007

nudge me

ok i pittered about last night and today..... getting only the mandatory of chores done today..... like the really smelly dish and a load of clothes, oh and scrubbing the tub. i also did the grocery shopping too, but that was at walmart and there are so many other things there to catch my fancy so it sort of doesn't count.

so anyway back to what i was pittering about.....

these little fun halloween broaches. all made from scraps and lefts overs from my aprons makings.

now i just need you guys to stay on top of me to get them posted up on etsy. i need to get better pics of them with a camera that's batteries aren't dying. so nudge away.

go ahead i give you full permission.

*****ATTENTION ALL MOMS.......... go over to the domestic chicky's blog and watch this!!! you really will love this trust me.


KARA said...

gorgeous work Jeanetta, love the badges, they are adorable, with all the mix matching, fab work as always.

Bejeweled said...

These are so super cute!! Love all the layering, the fun fabric mixes and the buttons. You are so creative!

I've posted your fabulous sweet and sinister goodies over at the blog! Thank you so much!!! I love everything!!

Liz said...

Oh boy.... I know what I want now!

love of yellow roses said...

I love your halloween brooches you created, what a great idea.

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