Sunday, September 23, 2007

warning: this is a rant

this after noon seemed to be so poopoo.

first church was great. i got that feeling like this is where we need to be right now.

but once we got back home its was just more of the whole you-people-are-so-irritating. the kids wont quite mouthing. luke wont eat his lunch but tries to eat everything else. ben goes bike riding with josh.... which leaves me alone with the instigators. david is being reluctant on studying for a science test. phoebe was actually the only one i could stand at the time.

anyway by the time ben gets back, he's in the house for like 3 min and i announce i am going to walgreens to get my ink cartridge refilled. ahhh peace and quiet, i am at last alone.

but its short lived.

after waiting in line at the photo counter i am told that their machine for refilling ink is out of service at the moment, but i can leave it and pick it up later.

do they know when it will be fixed?
...... no.

so why would i want to leave it for some indefinite amount of time?

i refrain from asking the unknowing teenager behind the counter..... ok so maybe he's in college, they are all starting to look the same to me. and here comes my big beef with them..... hello change you sign outside that says you are refilling ink.

so on to walmart.

grumble grumble preparing to pay more for a new ink cartridge. well i get there and bam! i snag a sweeter than sweet parking spot. ok so maybe that makes me feel a bit better. i search out my ink cartridge i need and low and behold its only $15. wow could walgreens have offered me a better deal..... somehow i think not. so i decide hey i'm here why not check out the fabrics. i scored a couple of remnants for mere pennies. and head to the front.

this is when my retail therapy session hits it high point. i find the best tshirt in the world. how could this not cure me?!
its an audrey-hepburn-breakfast-at-tiffany's-psuedo-andy-warhol printed t shirt!!! and yes those a sparkly rhinestones on her ears.

so i am home, wearing my new fav t shirt, printing out all i have needed to print out for the past 3 days, letting the annoyances pass me by. even the fact that ben let luke take a reeeally late nap. i am making coffee and preparing to stay up and make stuff with glee


Jerusalem said...

That t-shirt is PERFECTION for you! And the hats are looking lovely as always...So glad you are liking NLC!

tracy said...

I'm glad your day turned out better :) It stinks when it feels like everything is going wrong & nothing will ever go right again.

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