Monday, October 22, 2007

and the walls came tumbling down

first i just want to say thanks for all the mural love everyone sent over my last post. i am always very proud of my murals. even more so that my hanging art.

second thing i wanted to say was thanks you to amy2. a friend i met through jerusalem that i was painting the floor mat for. well i got it done finally much to my husband excitement.... that means the carport is clear after about 2 months. :) at least it clear for anyway she let me borrow her old camera. i am soooo grateful. thank you thank you thank you. i'll have better pics of the finished floor mat after jerusalem gets pics of it.

ok so onto what the post is really about.

i live next to this big historical property here in town. before we moved in it had been purchase by a lady who is planning on turning it into a b&b. it was the home a prominent businessman here in conway that started the ward school bus plant.

here's a brief history as i know it. apparently the son of dave bus man, was not well liked in town. a bit of a jerk from what i hear and what another neighbor over another fence has told me. anyway he was a bit full of himself and wanting to emulate another well to do in arkansan, he built a white concrete wall around the property of the house. the back which is adjacent to our property is high. i cant see over it. and we rather like it. its much better than the fences we were used to in san antonio. the front yard was surrounded by a low 3 ft wall. well apparently everyone in town hated this wall. i mean like detested it. i am talking a deep rooted hatred that people could go on and on about forever.

i mean come on its just a wall.

anyway when the house was bought and joanne...our new neighbor started redoing it. she was going to raise money for some of the construction costs by having people donate money to write on the wall and then smash it down.
the kids and i walked over last saturday for the goings on. i figured it was the neighborly thing to do, you know.
well in a way that was a horrible mistake. because one i didnt bring a hammer for the kids or any money for a donation so they could write something on it. you can imagine the fits that ensued over that. only slightly subdued by the free lollipops and me quite frustrated by the fact that they weren't letting children in to the house to look around for insurance reasons... this was all i could get a pic of from the doorway, but the whole house seems to be this color. yuck.
we headed home. it was not a happy walk and i felt quite embarrassed by my sulking brood.
this pic was obviously snapped before the fits.


Jerusalem said...

how will I know when to turn for your street? So sad about the dark teal... Why was that color EVER invinted? Sorry to all the Teal lovers out there....

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your three look like little angels - if you hadn't told us the story :-)

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