Friday, October 12, 2007

a cinderella tale

i feel just like cinderella.

no seriously.

tonight is the big CASA festival of chairs auction. remember when i said i found out about it and decorated a chair. well i got 2 tickets out of it and ben and i are going tonight.

i pulled the tickets out yesterday to look over the time and place and noticed something down at the bottom of it.

"cocktail dress"

yikes!! what does that mean? so i called the CASA office and asked. got a feeling for it being somewhere between nice sunday dress but not black tie formal.


ben's in luck, he had bought a nice suit for my sisters wedding last year but i really didn't have anything. i usually wear pants or skirts to church and they aren't much more that your basic cotton variety. the 2 dresses i did have were way to summer/spring i felt. and it has started to feel rather chilly here.

so after feeling rather mopey and sad looking with every possible combination of my closet laid out on the bed. ben said i could go find something today.

and i did. i spent a bit more than i had set my limit (no big news there... but not much just $10 over). and i love it.

i already had nice brown kitten heel and a great sparkly purse.
jerusalem the great friend that she is is coming to babysit for me. even though they have been rather sickly this week she got better just for me.... or so i like to think.
so anyway back to why i feel like cinderella. i have been cleaning all day. yes so that she and her family can come into my house and watch my kids. so i have been scrubbing like cinderella so i can go to the fancy ball tonight. and the wonderful friend that she is, she is letting me borrow her NEW camera because mine has gone into a coma with a rather indefinite future. so that way i can get a good pick of my finished chair and of all the festivities.


Jerusalem said...

Great dress! I know you are going to be the belle of the ball!!! Only next year you need to find another babysitter cause I am going with you! xo

Jennifer Harrell said...

I'm anxious to see your chair and to know how the sell went!!! Thanks for the picture comment, I am headed out again today after more fun shots!

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