Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i'm a wuss

i will say it i am admitting it completely. i am a big wuss.
especially when i comes to cold weather.
today here in arkansas it is cold a drizzly. it was 49F when i was getting the kids off to school this morning. this was usually as cold as it got in san antonio. oh we might have a day here and there where it dipped down to the 30's or so but it could be back up to 60 i na day or so. but as i was scrounging around for more layers to put on i realised something......

its going to be a long cold winter for the darley clan.

it gets colder than the 40's here. there are frequent ice storms here.

we haven't turned the heat on yet, so here i set with 2 pairs of socks, 2 shirts on, a scarf, and a hat. i feel like cameron diaz's character in the holiday when she was in that little english cottage.

i have been inspired to crochet slippers. these hardwood floors are cold.
we haven't unpacked out winter clothes yet. they are in the back of the utility room with mounds of stuff in front of them. at least i kept out a jacket for each of the kids.
and we have no fireplace too. i would always build a small fire just to knock the chill off.
so we may not be heading out too much this winter. my kids are dead set on seeing snow and feel that since we have moved farther north they are due for some.

oh, my mom and dad are in the process of moving here this week. please keep them in your prayers. the truck they rented wasn't big enough so my dad had to go rent an extra trailer for my mom to pull behind her truck.... never fear she used to drive 18 wheelers so she's experienced. but still its been a stressful past few days for them.

it will be nice to have them close again. the children are beside themselves.
everyone have a good day and stay warm and toasty.


Felicia said...

Me too. I don't really care for cold. But we're still wearing short sleeves here in Georgia.

Michelle said...

Thanks for leaving me a nice comment on my 100th post! e-mail me your address, I'd like to send you a treat!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I love cold weather and don't think it gets or stays cold enough here in Atlanta. But, I honestly would probably get sick of the cold if I had to endure it for too long. I grew up in Iowa where winter can start in October and last until April. A little tooooo cold for tooooooo long. Sigh. Those slippers sound great!

Stephanie said...

Im a little behind in blogland. Your bathroom looks GREAT!!!

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