Thursday, October 04, 2007

its coming back to me

this may seem like an odd post. but this morning as i was getting ready for the big day that first thursday's shop and sip has become i was amazed at something.

............. how curly my hair has become once again.

told you this is an odd post. lol.

growing up my hair was very naturally curly. i looked like shirley temple as a child and like i had a spiral perm all through high school. all natural i must add. i kept it long and it would curl from my scalp tot he ends which by high school graduation was well past my waist.
it never took much styling. i would wash it and basically let it dry.

through a couple of times in college i whacked it all off pixie short, by the time i graduated and got married it was once again pat my shoulders and full of curls.

then motherhood hit. and my hair just quit curling. it lost its natural boing. this was very frustrating because as i said i had never taken much styling, it pretty much was wash and wear. lol.

but now i had to work with it. i straighten it because that was easier than trying to work with the curl or rollers. i contemplated a perm but never did.

so i did what every mom does and cut it. it was quite cute... i usually went for the spiky-bedhead looks because they took very little work. lol.

so after having 3 babies and breastfeeding them all ( i am certain it was the wackiness of my hormones from this that caused my hair to change) i had resigned myself to never regaining the hair of my youth. but then about 2 years ago i got lazy on my hair cuts. my hair was reaching past my shoulders for the first time in years and surprise.... it was curling. like before.

as you can tell its longer now...... which hubby loves. what is it about guys and long hair. it still has the red and blond high lights my friend millie put in a while back..... that i need to get redone. and i am in desperate need of a trim..... like i said it hasn't been cut in about 2 years.

but i am happy its back. its makes me feel young again.


tracy said...

girl, you've got some gorgeous hair!

KARA said...

Jeanetta your hair is stunning exactly how I want mine, I have the thickest frizzist hair you have ever seen, my hairdresser calls it a thatch, she says even if you pull it out it would cover over.
Good for you to get your curls back

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...


Nancy said...

Oh, my gosh, so gorgeous! I have very thick, straight hair (but not pretty, straight hair...) and have always, always, wanted curls like your's!

Etta said...

Wow! I told you that I envied your curls in college. Though I don't ever remember it being that long. I loved it when it was pixie short but still curly. But it is beautiful now.

This stick straight headed girl is jealous.

Julie said...

We must've been separated at birth. I was just thinking that my hair is finally back like it was when I got married -- long curly and blond(though I really need to touch up my roots).

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