Friday, October 05, 2007

lovin what i see....

i am so drained after last night shop and sip. ok let me rephrase that...... i am so drained after the culmination of the past to weeks that had a brief ending last night at shop and sip. i say brief ending because it will start up again in a week or so for next month first thursday.

so anyway i am posting really cool stuff i am seeing in blogland this morning while i should be cleaning. i know you all understand that mentality.

i am loving these little charm bracelets over at inspire co. i think i like the first 2 the best.

and this is just too adorable. charming designs has the cutest little pincushions and i love this one for the orange fireking mug. i have some pieces from this and its orange so of course i want more.

the neatest idea from present past collection. she used drop clothes for outdoor drapes. my mind is reeling with ideas for these drop clothes now.

well these things caught my eye this morning. and i have successfully wasted 2 hours doing this ( ummm yeah i read alot of blogs). its almost 10 here and i need to get cleaning. ugg. i think i will start with the least messy areas. so that means the kitchen is last. ugg still no dishwasher. maybe the rest of the house will get so clean and only the kitchen left when hubby comes in that he will clean it for me.

hey i can dream, cant i.

1 comment:

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your blog!!Thanks for loving my little Black Bird!! Thanks for showing it on your blo! Your pumpkins are adorable!! I will be coming over to visit you often!!LAURIE

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