Monday, October 01, 2007

oh blah dee oh blah da

that pretty sums up how i have been feeling lately. very blaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

i am glad its finally october.

i am getting things ready to take to the shoppe (which jerusalem was working mad-dashery on getting the website up for before she left..... its up just barely but its there......hmmmm not sure if she is ready for it to be unveiled but when she is you will be able to see it all) for first thursday this week. still stocking for halloween but at the same time easing in some thanksgiving items as well. or just fall items.

these little items are heading to etsy. yeah its a bad pic but its late and no good lighting in here. i promise i will get better ones before the debut on etsy.

i tried to start several new projects today. but could barely get started on any of them. no focus at all. i hopped from one to the other not doing much more than making a mess out of our clean living room (its was mad-dashed cleaned saturday morning when my sis called and said she was flying in and my dad was picking her up and they would be here that morning.... yikes).

i borrowed the holiday from jerusalem before she left on her road trip..... that of which i talked to her today and they are having a good time. but i have been chain watching that movie and did manage to get a bunch of new cupcakes done. i really haven't been in a cupcake mood lately but it felt good to get back into them.

once i get a nice pic of them i will post it.

these are my favorite new shoes. do they look familiar to you? i love it when my friends give me their cast offs that i covet.
******the shoppes on woodlawn website is now up!!!!! take a look*******

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tracy said...

my unofficial sister-in-law Michelle was at our house recently, & looking at my 'lovely' sign & my 'harvest' banner I had hung. she remarked ~ wow, you have some really talented friends!

yes, I do. :)

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