Tuesday, October 09, 2007

technical difficulties

we interrupt this regularly scheduled (yeah right, lol) blog for this brief announcement.

having a little non splendid thing happen today. i think my digital camera may have died.
it no longer recognizes that there is a memory stick in it. and i have tried 2 different ones. memory sticks that is.
i have had this camera since the fall of 2002 i think. wow 5 years.
i was just astonished when i went to snap some pics of the most beautiful aprons that i put together yesterday and its said no memory stick. my first thought was "i am going to kill luke" because once he took out my larger memory stick once and it was lost for months in the junk surrounding out computer at the old house. luckily i found it when i moved. but no the memory stick was still in there. and i tried my other one too. no luck.
hmmmm i am wondering if i can ask for an early christmas present. you think ben will go for that.


Misty said...

Sooo Sorry! This has happened to me and it's miserable until you get a new camera. We love our new one so if you have the $$$ splurge and get a biggie!

amandajean said...

sorry to hear about your camera. that is sad.

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