Wednesday, November 14, 2007

can we make a papoose?

Phoebe came home with a project on Friday from her teacher. She sent them home with a clothespin and they were to make a little pilgrim or Indian from it. They are reading a book... cant remember the name right now and I think the girl makes some little doll out of a clothespin.


Well her teacher sends home the pinching clothespin. I'm thinking... hmmmm I wonder if I could switch that out for the other kind. You know the kind your supposed to use to make dolls. lol.

Well be the very distracted parent that I am, I totally forget about it over the weekend. She always brought it up when I was up to my armpits in dishes or laundry. So I remember yesterday and ask her and she says its not due till this Friday. See I never really read the note, more distracted parenting. So I deem that we will make the doll on Tuesday evening when Ben takes David to cub scouts and Luke is over at moms spending the night.

She decided she wanted an Indian girl and wanted her to look like Pocahontas. You know the one from the Disney movie. She drew her out and designed her right down to the angle cut fringey skirt and blue necklace from the movie. Although I did feel strongly that the doll needed to have braids. Phoebe said that well Pocahontas didn't wear braids but her friend did so that was ok. So I made the braids and did the measuring but she did the cutting and fringing and the drawing. i also held things tight while the glue dried but I felt that it was all basically her project and that I hadn't taken over. lol. Just a little gentle guidance, you know.

As I looked upon our finished doll thinking that Phoebe is going to totally rock in the clothespin doll display, I made one error. I voiced a thought out loud that I should of let stay in my head a while. I said, it would look cool if she had a papoose.

Well you can imagine how that set her off. So after much digging in the supplies and working with little bits of scraps and such I fashioned what I feel is a right smart papoose. And I even made it where you could take it on and off. Do you know how hard that is with a model that has no arms and shoulders? So know we have more of a Sacajawea kind of thing going on.

Sorry no good pic of de bebe, I was only together enough this morning to snap the pics we got before school.

But I loved making the doll. I love making any clothes pin dolls. Maybe we need some Christmas ones! Oooo yeah. I'll just add that to my ever growing inspirations. lol.

Bonus pic of Luke and Miles from last week at Jerusalem's. These boys sure love their mac and cheese.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh my gosh--about 2 years ago I made what seemed like a bajillion (not a word, I know) clothespin "fairies" for my daughters fairy princess party. We hung them all around & the guest took them home as favors! I got so sick of making them.
I love your Indian girl! So sweet.

AND, you got an ACTION mac-n-cheese shot! Cool!!!

FYNest said...

To answer your question on my blog, YES, check out!! *blush*

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