Sunday, December 16, 2007


remember the christmas bazaar for jerusalem's church?

it went great!!!

I hadn't done a craft fair type thing in many years. not so good memories from my first and only one. but thursday night wiped all those away. it was such a blast and a tad overwhelming at one moment. there was a mob of apron wanting shoppers surrounding my table. i felt claustrophobia setting in. lol.

but it was great and i loved meeting all the ladies and hope you enjoy your aprons this season.


Stephanie said...

How neat! Ive never done one before- Im glad you had a blast!!

Also- I LOVE the apron in the post before this. Has your sister seen it yet?

FYNest said...

Your area looks adorable, I can see why!!! I'd have been there too...can't get enough aprons.

Liz said...


tracy said...

I for one am enjoying my holiday apron, and as you saw from the photo I posted, Porter is as well! And if he's not, I don't care because what's cuter than a dog in an apron?

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