Tuesday, January 01, 2008

christmas recap

ahhh the sounds of christmas eve.

everyone getting the food together, kids getting excited, last minute gifts, wrapping paper and scotch tape...... or in my case banging, crashing, screech of a circular saw and my kitchen in total disarray.

but i really cant complain because i got my dishwasher!!!!!

dad finally got some time to help ben run the electricity and plumbing to put in my new dishwasher.

the bar area we choose to put it in wasnt deep enough so off came the back.
which i wasnt worried about because i had already decided not to use it as a breakfast bar. the upper cabinets are too low and i just keep to much junk up there for that. and the fact that the over hang was constantly filled with stuff as well. so i planned on putting much needed extra storage in that area with some cabinets, which ben is finishing up for me. :)

the day after christmas we left bright and early and headed to austin. i was so excited because i got visit the very first habitat for humanity restore.
it was so freaking awesome. i could have stayed in there forever. i was hunting for cabinet doors to make my signs out of. and did they have cabinet doors!!
i think i have just about depleted our restore of them. i was wishing we had a trailer to bring stuff back with me but ben was already eyeing the stack of doors i was accumulating so i knew that was pushing it. lol. but we did get doors for my new under the bar storage area:) for a buck a piece. like i said i was in heaven.
they even had this huge area outside where they store the reclaimed lumber. ben was digging that part and i actually believe he wished for that trailer just a tad.
but we had a good christmas. everyone got what they wanted.
last night we had a calm new year's with some friends for college that live here in town. my goal for 2008 is to be content where i am. thats more of a psychological location than a physical one. basically to not wish for greener grass and if i do to have the guts to actually go after it.
happy 2008 everyone!!


tracy said...

horray for new appliances & old cabinet doors!

The Wilson Family said...

i am so glad you got your dishwasher! you would love my christmas present- i think about you nearly everytime i use it- a 12 cup coffee maker! i am now ready for you to come over- miss you!

Nancy said...

I love your resolutions! We should all have them on the top of our lists. I wish you well, my friend. Happy New Year.

Cecile Balding said...

My New Year's resolution is to visit with one of my bestest friends, her name is Jeanetta. Do you know her? BTW I figured out how to link you on my site. I'm learning. HE HE.

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